I'm Ryan George: data analyst, education enthusiast, and alpinist. Learn a little more below.

Data Analytics

I believe data is a great lens for truth, and much of my work is based on that. I work on marketing and intelligence at Lyft, where I'm helping figure out what a two-sided market looks like on-demand, at your front step.


Education and Future of Work

Civilization is in a race between education and catastrophe.
- H.G. Wells

Since traveling the world on the Zeff Fellowship, I've believed that education is the foundation for improving the world. That's why I volunteer for Minds Matter, I mentor Analytics and Data science courses on Springboard, and I worked for nearly three years at Coursera.



To me, the alpine is an experience of the sublime, and way to learn to deal with fear, and a wonderful pastime. A few of my favorite shots below.

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